Marvel Avengers: This Is What The First Metacritic Trials Said

Marvel Avengers’ action game was released on September 4 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. In the meantime, some tests for the game have been published. We look at how it is rated on Metacritic.

What’s going on with Marvel’s Avengers?

The new action game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix took an open beta before launching and received mixed reactions:

  • There was criticism of the gameplay, which many described as too repetitive and buggy in places.
  • There have been discussions about the Spider-Man character, which will appear exclusively for Sony consoles.
  • However, the game system offers more depth than you think at first glance.
  • The developers promise a lot of endgame content and new updates in the future.

In our MeinMMO survey, 34.13% of you didn’t want to buy the game after trying it out in beta. 29.69%, on the other hand, were still interested in buying after the trials.

Ratings at a glance

Ratings on Metacritic: Marvel Avengers have slightly different ratings, depending on which platform you’re looking at. From the critics, the game gets a score of 72 with 18 reviews on the PS4, 71 with four studies on the PC, and 70 with five thoughts on the Xbox One.

We have put together an overview of 10 articles from the international trade press for you:

  • IGN Spain: 8/10 (PS4)
  • Shacknews: 80/100 (PS4)
  • GameCreate: 83/100 (PS4)
  • Gamer Heroes: 80/100 (PS4)
  • Millennium: 60/100 (PS4)
  • Video Games Chronicle: 2/5 (PS4)
  • PC Attack: 8/10 (PC)
  • PCMag: 60/100 (PC)
  • Screen Rant: 3/5 (Xbox One)
  • Pure Xbox: 7/10 (Xbox One)

What are the ratings in Germany?

On the German pages, only GameStar can be found on Metacritic so far. But other sites have also tried:

  • GameStar: 75/100
  • GamePro: 70-75 / 100 (not yet a complete test, multiplayer is also coming)
  • 4Players: Analysis: Satisfactory
  • PCGames: Trial without rating

Marvel Avengers is already packed with action, but there are also plenty of points for criticism.

That’s what the reviews said

Marvel’s Avengers produces mutually iconic heroes in one of the most passionate genres – Shacknews.

Marvel’s Avengers impresses with a healthy-written, dramatic campaign with drawing ideas. From a gameplay viewpoint, the battle is as exciting and gratifying as required from a title based on the superhero team.

Although the online live service aspect is overwhelmed by overly complex menus, systems, and matchmaking issues, there is still an enjoyable experience behind it. Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Marvel’s Avengers deliver a perfect enough adaptation of an iconic world.

Marvel’s Avengers showed too much heart – and too much trouble – GameStar in testing

The rest of me thinks Marvel’s Avengers is a tedious mainstream product – even beyond microtransactions. It takes me as a player for a full sorst, hose level pose as a show and pushes my nose with affected enthusiasm to all the shops and spiral activation.

But where both sides agree: Marvel’s Avengers could be a better game if Crystal Dynamics relied more on its strengths rather than emulating significant trends.

The War Table is the place where you start various missions, either alone or with fellow players.

Decent multiplayer built into a great campaign – Polygon

Marvel’s Avengers performs an outstanding player action-adventure. If that’s all you’re watching for, particularly if you’re previously a fan of Ms.Marvel. I see the value in using it just for him. I was hesitant about whether the live service aspect could still take me to grind after loot or later story missions after reaching cover level. But now that I’ve overcome this initial hurdle is fun with friends to kill waves of enemies.

On a fine day, Marvel’s Avengers is a Marvel-style multiplayer game of a Dynasty Warrior, and if you’re in a good mood, it would be a decent way to spend some time, and we don’t know how that Team will proceed from here. It was a solid single-player outing for one of my favorite underrated superheroes on a good day.

What do reviews from users like?

In user reviews on Metacritic, there are different opinions about Marvel Avengers:

  • On the PS4, 523 users gave the game a positive review, 406 a negative. Overall, the game reached a score of 5.8 / 10.
  • On the Xbox One, the criticism is more damaging. Thirty-five gave a positive evaluation, 78 were negative. Overall, this results in a score of 3.7 / 10.
  • Tests are currently not possible for the PC.

If you want to try Marvel Avengers on your own, you’ve been able to do so since September 4. We at MeinMMO have included tips you should know before buying.

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