Benefits of Custom Packaging and Standard Folded Cartons

Customized packaging is an investment that can increase your company’s brand equity and differentiate it from the competition. Custom boxes offer a unique way to stand out in the marketplace, and they are an excellent option for businesses that want to create long-term relationships with customers. Custom containers have become popular in recent years because of their versatility, which means you can find custom boxes for nearly any product or service these days.

Importance of Custom Packaging

Custom packaging should meet all safety requirements and make sure that your brand stands out among competitors to increase overall sales and customer retention rate by providing them their desired experience. At the same time, they interact with your company or organization’s goods.

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Standard folding carton types

The first thing you need is standard folding carton boxes types. There are many options to choose from, and I will list some of the most used here with their uses and benefits.

Know About Folding Cartoons?

Foldable cartoons are made of paper. They are of different shapes, sizes, and features. Foldable cartoons are made of cardboard cut, glued, and scored all at once to make it possible to create a box by folding in a way. Foldable cartoons for shipping purposes can be delivered in a flat shape.

There are two main types of materials to make folding cartons.

1- Paperboard

A paperboard folded carton is made of one layer, and it is used chiefly for retail business.

2- Corrugated

A corrugated, folding carton is made out of the same cardboard. The first two layers are the same, with a third layer in between them. That third layer makes the box strong and able to be shipped.

Know about paperboard

Paperboard, as an economical and robust paper, is best suited for packaging. In addition, paperboard can wrap more fragile products like glass to protect them with an exterior package.

Kraft paperboard

Kraft is a heavy-duty paperboard that can be recycled and used for other purposes. Kraft is generally brown, which isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it does make the product stand out. Kraft paperboard is an excellent option for any product, and we have plenty of styles for you to choose.


Types of Regular Boxes with Benefits

Straight Tuck Type of Box

Straight tuck boxes are a good option for storing things. The openings face the same direction in these boxes. Both of the slots are in the same order in this type of box. As a result, they provide an economical and sturdy solution perfect for shipping large or fragile items.

In addition, customized straight tucks can be used to create your custom box, which means that you’ll get what you need without wasting any resources on extras that you don’t want.


  • Best for medium and lightweight products
  • Nearly no assembly is required
  • The single-cut makes movement easy in bulk
  • Rigid and can hold cutouts
  • Locking mechanism

Reverse tuck Type Box

Flaps on this box are the opposite way. So, if you want to add more panels, just make the first fold of paper inside. Then put them on top of each other and do a reverse tuck. These boxes are rare and popular because they are different than others.

Unlike standard straight tuck boxes, these closing panels fold in opposite directions, making them difficult to open. They also provide a very unusual look when they’re opened up as both the front panel and back panel will be on an opposing side of each other.


  • Provides high levels of protection against moisture and damage (Levels Packing Grade)
  • Supports heavyweight items well with additional reinforcement sheets
  • The single-cut makes movement easy in bulk
  • Rigid and can hold cutouts
  • Locking mechanism
  • Compact design saves space while still providing ease of shipping
  • Low production cost

Lock Bottom Box

Lock bottom boxes are often used in the retail industry. Each box is constructed with a locking mechanism on one side of the bottom panel, which locks into place when closed. They are generally made corrugated and customized to suit specific features such as cutouts, folding panels, or double-walled options.

Lock bottom boxes are specially designed to keep your heavier items safe and secure, but they also have some added benefits. Besides being great for holding heavy products inside them without opening up under their weight, lockbox bottoms come with a very sturdy base that won’t open when the box is filled with the product- so you don’t have to worry about things; spilling out!


  • Ideal for storing bulky items
  • It comes with a tuck top closure
  • Easy three ways of assembly
  • Easily holds cutouts
  • Perfectly flat bottom to make products sit easily

Crash Bottom Box

These types of boxes are perfectly great for heavy things. They lock together, and they won’t fall over. But, of course, you can think about other ideas for what they are called, too!

Crash bottom boxes are created with a heavy-duty corrugated or paperboard. This unique design makes it possible to effectively lock and support everything inside without becoming crushed when you fill in your product.


  • A powerful option for the bulky items
  • Bottom is glued
  • It comes with a tuck top closing
  • POP open style easy to assemble
  • Compact shape
  • Holds cutouts
  • A perfectly flat base that is good for products

Double Wall Tuck Front Box

It’s a great box that is a solid and durable type of paperboard. It has two openings, one at the top and one on the bottom. When you close it, two flaps fold into each other to create an airtight seal.


  • Carry different shapes of products
  • Flat view to show multiple items
  • More designing ground
  • Double-wall and extra strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • Locking system
  • Holds cutouts
  • Compact and sleek


The need for packaging materials is a constant in any industry. From food to electronics, a product needs to be protected and shipped to reach the customer as intended. With so many options available, it can be not easy knowing which type of box you should invest your money in.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a brief list of benefits that come with both custom packaging and standard folding carton types. So, whether you want something affordable or more durable for an expensive item like jewelry, there are plenty of boxes you can choose from quickly.

If this article has helped answer some questions about selecting the correct cardboard box solution for your company’s unique needs, please share our blog post on social media today! If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier, you can use cardboard and corrugated boxes at wholesale in every size or shape. You’ll want to figure out which will work best for your needs before it’s too late!

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