Fortnite Rust Lord Quest Guide: How to Obtain Shields From Slurp Barrels in Fortnite

With the continuing of Season 8, Epic Games will keep introducing new NPCs to the Fortnite world. Different NPCs will give players five various challenges they can choose to accomplish. To complete these challenges, players need to find each location of NPC in Fortnite World. There are two latest NPCs who have been introduced into Fortnite recently. They are Naruto’s own Kakashi and Rust Lord. In order to complete Rust Lord challenge, players should obtain 30 shields from Slurp Barrels. Meanwhile, there are Fortnite Account For Sale for players who expect to look for the best items and weapons for their character in the game. It is easy for players to create a unique character with beautiful clothes and special weapons in Fortnite.

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Basic Introduction of Rust Lord Quest in Fortnite

In the process of Rust Lord quest, Rust Lord provides players with the Scrap King questline. He has to accomplish five challenges in the game, which requires players to use the pickaxe to build or destroy something. Plays can look for Rust Lord in the west of Dirty Docks and start the questline by talking with him. When you are ready to start this quest, you should make sure that you have enough room in your quest line, because Fortnite only allows players to accept five challenges once. Players can also accept mere challenges if they can share these quests with their friends who have quests available.

When players talk with Rust Lord and accomplish his first two challenges that destroying 30 structures with a car and hitting 20 weak points during harvesting. Players should try to find and destroy Slurp Barrels to obtain shields. It is not hard for players to find the locations of Slurp Barrels. There is a location that shows the Slurp Juice on the map. Players can look for Slurp Barrels by going to the Slurp Factory which is located in the center of Sludgy Swamp.

Players Can Look for Slurp Barrels Near Sludgy Swamp

In order to find and obtain 30 shield from Slurp Barrels, then accomplish Rust Lord’s third quest, players should come into Sludgy Swamp and enter the factory directly. Then, they will find that there are full of Slurp Barrels in the room. They need to approach these barrels and break them with their pickaxe with counting exact numbers.

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When players break one Slurp Barrel, they will be given 10 shields, so they can juts break three barrels to accomplish this challenge. Player can easily find three of barrels among 40 barrels in the factory near the Sludgy Swamp. They will find that the process is not hard for them. If players can’t find enough barrels in the factory, they can go to the Shantytown in the west of Swamp.

As players have complete this challenge that obtaining 30 shields from Slurp Barrels in Fortnite, which will offer players 30000 XP as reward, which can be used to upgrade their Fortnite Game Pass. Then, they have access to continue the next challenge in Rust Lord’s questline. In addition, players can also keeping collecting shields from barrels in order to keep themselves safe in the next challenge.

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