How to score above 90 marks in the CBSE Maths exam?

If you are appearing for the CBSE exam and thinking of how to score above 90 marks in the Maths exam, NCERT Books are the right place for you. Mathematics is a subject which requires a thorough understanding of the theories and formulas which are used in solving the problems. It is a scary subject for a few students as numerous formulas and logical approaches are involved in it. However, with proper practice, students can score higher marks with a good knowledge of the concepts.


Class 11 and 12 are considered to be one of the most important stages in the life of students. The subjects cover various topics which would be continued in higher levels of education also. For this reason, students can refer to the NCERT Books for Class 11 Maths as it covers all the concepts which are prescribed by the CBSE board. These books are curated by the faculty with vast knowledge with utmost care to help the students ace the exams without fear. It also provides students the confidence to answer the difficult questions that would be asked in the exams.

Tips to score more marks in the CBSE Maths exam

  1. Students must have a clear knowledge of basic concepts as per the syllabus and extra effort should be given to the chapters which are of more marks.
  2. The CBSE syllabus should be read once and all the topics and concepts should be listed out in a sheet so that none of them are missed out at the end.
  3. The NCERT Textbook has to be solved to get a clear idea of the theory which lies under each concept.
  4. While studying each chapter, students have to list out the formulas which will help in retention. It will also be a useful source during revision.
  5. The derivations have to be practiced a number of times so that students will be able to remember them by heart.
  6. Attention should be given to the example problems so that students will be able to understand how to approach the questions of various difficulty levels.
  7. The exercise wise questions which are present at the end of each chapter have to be solved with care. The stepwise format should be followed so that students will be able to gain the marks for each step allotted in the exams.
  8. After the completion of the syllabus, students are advised to solve the sample papers and previous year question papers which are of higher importance.
  9. Make a note of concepts which you are weak at and work on them for a better score.
  10. Do not learn any shortcuts to get the final answer instantly. By doing this, you will be losing the marks for the steps which are expected in the exams.

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Remember that Mathematics is a subject which is all about practising. The more time you spend on practising, the better you will understand the topics and its applications in our daily lives. Students who are appearing for the board exams can make use of the NCERT Books for Class 12 Maths. These books contain a wide range of questions to practise and help students to remember the important concepts effectively. The main aim of providing these books is to help students with their exam preparation and achieve a good score in the final exams.

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