Is Your Puppy’s Breed in This 6 Smart Dog Breeds List?

Dogs are intelligent creatures with the ability to learn and adapt to new environments rapidly. It is precisely how they have survived the tests of time and lived with humans for ages. They can easily understand human body language, facial expressions, and sounds through their sharp observation skills. At the same time, these furry animals show tremendous emotional attachment to their foster parents.

Having said that, not every dog’s life and IQ are the same. A wild dog’s way of life and perception levels differ from that of a pet dog. Domesticated dogs mostly live in the comforts of home and have access to food, water, toys, and other recreational activities that wild dogs should struggle for daily. While pet puppies are exposed to comparatively fewer risks; still, they can be vulnerable to accidents, injuries, sickness, and more.

So, puppy owners must be financially prepared to provide their puppers with the required medical care during health emergencies and other times. Pet insurance for dogs can help puppy parents manage unanticipated vet bills with little economic stress, which is why they can consider purchasing a policy. However, first, they must assess their puppy’s health needs and policy benefits and inquire about pet insurance cost.

In the meantime, puppy parents can read this article to learn about a few genius dog breeds and check if their furry baby’s breed has made it to the list.

1.Labrador retriever

Puppies of this breed are known for their superb sense of smell and ability to make correct decisions based on this skill. These pups were raised initially to help people with fishing. They have high IQ levels, can quickly adjust their behavior, and are proficient in training themselves by watching the human activity around them.

2.Golden retriever

This is one of the most loved dog breeds. Pups from this breed can be very caring and affectionate towards their fellow family members. They are sporting canines just like labs. They were raised to retrieve birds shot by their owners or return the caught birds to their owners with no damage. Both activities mentioned above demand adherence to the owner’s instructions, quick wit, and working towards task completion from the pup.

3.Border collie

Border collie pups can top the list when it comes to herding, obedience training, and agility. Many dogs of other breeds require scores of repetitions to learn a command. However, border collie puppies can grasp commands with fewer repetitions. They can learn from their past experiences and are considered swift learners.

4.German shepherd

German shepherd puppies have a high sense of smell that helps them qualify for leading guard, police, and military canine positions. They can obey commands in very few attempts. Apart from their smelling prowess, they are famous for their power, stamina, instincts, and adaptation ability.


Rottweiler pups are incredibly intuitive, obedient, and smart creatures. They can easily pick up training lessons and are raised for guarding activities, which is why these puppies can make brilliant service, therapy, or police dogs. So also, they can be incredible companions at home.

6.Australian cattle dog

These pups are raised to herd cattle in Australia. They are remarkable learners; however, an urban life hardly suits their temperament. So, apartments and cities may not appeal to them. Even though they are intelligent, they can turn destructive in times of boredom.

Dogs can be pleasant or notorious depending on the ecosystem they are surrounded by. And it is one reason why pet owners must be well prepared to handle the good, bad, and worse. Pet insurance for dogs can help support your furry pet with superior medical care during unanticipated pet health situations and other covered health conditions. If you are looking for affordable pet insurance, search for pet policies across insurers and compare the pet insurance cost initially. Once you have figured it out, you can sign up for a pet policy online.



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