Learn Poker Hand Ranking quickly and simply

A poker hand is a combination of five cards that a player draws by combining a hole card and a community card or using only community cards. The pot is the win plus the sum of all the bets made by the player during the game.

Poker Ranking – From Highest to Lowest

The game begins when all players are dealt holes or individual cards. These are the two cards that are dealt with by all the players. Poker hands are divided into the following categories, starting with the most powerful and invincible combinations and ending with the fewest combinations.

Straight flush

The first combination is known as a straight flush. A straight flush is a series of five cards in the same suit, also in a row.

The top variety of the straight flush is the royal flush. It consists of cards from ace to ten (all in the same suit). Royal Flush is unbeatable and very hard to get.

How to get a straight flush: The way to get a straight flush is to deal two cards of the same suit to each other in five ordered cards. You want two-hole cards, and you need to be in a row because you increase your chances of actually making a straight. These two cards must be greater than 10 to have an opportunity to make a Royal Flush.

Four Of A Kind

The second strongest placement of cards is known as Four of A Kind. This combination consists of four cards of the same rank and a side card (called a “kicker”).

How to get four types of A cards: You have to deal with pocket pairs to get four types of A cards. In other words, you have to get two cards identical to your pocket card.

Full House

The third best combination of cards is called the full house. A full house consists of a set/three sets and a pair on its side (e.g., three queens and two jacks).

How to get a full house: It is much easier to get a full house than the hands mentioned earlier. You can build a whole house by playing any hole card. Some players find it easy to get a packed house playing Pocket Pairs, but you still really rely on card drops to do your job.


The fourth variation in the list of hand rankings is called Flash. It is similar to the straight flush description, but the cards are not contiguous.

How To Get A Flash: Now It’s Easier To Build, But Less Powerful. Both hole cards must be in the same suit to increase the chances of making the Flash easier.


The next hand in the ranking list is known as the straight. This combination is similar to a straight flush because these cards must be in contiguous order, but the difference must not be in any particular suit.

It is the only time when Ace can play a unique role in making a hand. Aces can be placed as low or high at the beginning or end of the combination (eg, A-2-3-4-5 or T-J-Q-K-A).

How to get a straight: To get a straight, you must play two cards already in a row. It dramatically increases your chances of being sober.

Three of A kind

This hand is a combination of three cards of similar position and two different cards as an afterthought.

How to get three of A Kind: Three of a second is the easiest way to play pocket pair. Adding two hole cards makes it easy to combine them with a community card.

Two Pair And Pair

The 7th and 8th hands on the ranking chart have very similar cards and can be referred to together. These hands are called to pair and pair.

Two pairs have identical playing cards, but a couple naturally has only one pair. Of course, two pairs have one card on each side, and a pair has three cards.

How to get A 2 pairs: You can get 2 pairs in 2 ways. The first pair is to be placed in the hole, and then the board pair is to be made. The second is to insert two cards into the holes and match the two to the board. A better way is to have two different cards. This is because it surprises your opponent more and makes it less likely that someone will have three other cards to defeat you.

How to get A pair: play any card, and you may have one card by the end of the game. However, keep in mind that the pair is at the bottom of the hand ranking and can lose to the top hand.


These are all poker rankings and include precisely the cards you need to play poker to increase your chances of making it. Please bookmark or save this information to quickly access it whenever you forget it.

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