Top Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

Forex trading is probably the riskiest business in this world, and we all know that South Africa is one of the biggest hubs of FX trading market in the world. That is why very few people are successful forex traders in South Africa.

Maybe you also want to get into the industry of FX trading or you are one of those people who are not getting anything from FX trading. If you are one of them, then you must have to see some successful forex traders in South Africa for some motivation that people can be successful in forex trading in a country like South Africa.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Louis Tshakoane

If you have heard about Undercover Millionare’s Currency, you should also know that Louis Tshakoane is the president and owner of this company. He is one of the juvenile millionaires in South Africa, so he is extremely famous in FX trading. 

His story is also extravagant because he always tried to create a network base for people who want to run their businesses. He wanted it to make people communicate with each other to get the best business strategies from different people’s minds.

His monthly revenue has officially crossed 2 million South African Rands. And he also has written a great book as a young millionaire of South Africa that was sold amazingly in the country.

George Van Der Riet 

He is one of those people who understood the forex market as nicely as he should have. He first learnt FX market and its industry. He then made his first investment to become a successful trader in South Africa. He did everything right and understood an extremely important principle, “Learn as much as you can to earn as much as you want.” 

He was born in Cape Town, but it does not mean that he was born rich. He earned every Rand by working hard but in a smart way. He made his strategies, built his FX trading as a complete and full-time business, and then was called a millionaire and one of the most successful traders in South Africa.   

Simz D’ Mandla

He is one of those tarders in South Africa that are multi-millionaire. He is the founder and CEO of his company, and that company made him even richer, but his determination and smart work were behind his success. His initiative to create this company was amazing because he always wanted to make his country (South Africa) better.

As obvious from the company’s name, “trade4africa” was created to trade for Africa. As we all know, South Africa is a developing country. It is one of those developing countries where the unemployment rate is so high, so Mandla took the initiative and created the company to decrease the country’s unemployment.  


Many South African FX traders are appealing that their country is not the best place to trade-in. But wait and look at those successful forex traders in South Africa. And see how they took their hard work and converted it into money and success.   

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