Unique Uses of Paper!

Paper is one of the most important inventions in human history. It has and will continue to help us in the continuation and evolution of human civilisation. In this article, we will tell you 4 surprising ways paper is used.

Technologies Best friends

Believe it or not, paper is a crucial component in displays. Thin sheets of special paper act as filters, insulators, and even the base for flexible displays.  These papers are treated with various chemicals and coatings to give them specific properties, making them essential for the smooth functioning of your favourite gadgets.

Researchers are developing miniaturised labs on paper chips. These chips use tiny paper channels treated with specific chemicals to perform rapid tests or analyses. This technology has potential applications in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and food safety.

Health Diagnostics King

Paper has been the key element in diagnostics for a long time. It is used for paper-based diagnostics, often called lateral flow tests (LFTs). These tests utilise treated paper strips with specific antibodies or chemicals that react with the human sample if the target substance is present.

LFTs are much cheaper than traditional lab tests, making them accessible in limited-resource areas and they require minimal training that can be performed by healthcare workers or even by patients themselves.

Paper is also being used in making a new type of diagnostic technology called Lab-on-a-Chip Diagnostics. This emerging technology utilises microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (╬╝PADs).  These are tiny chips made of treated paper with microscopic channels.

 Patient samples and specific reagents are introduced into the channels, and the paper’s natural capillary action moves them through the chip.  Depending on the design, these chips can perform various tests, analysing blood sugar levels, detecting pathogens, or even conducting basic blood cell counts.

Future of Waste Management

Thats right! The future is one filled with paper. Seed paper is a fascinating combination of eco-friendliness and functionality. It’s typically made from recycled paper pulp, with seeds of flowers, herbs, or even vegetables mixed in during manufacturing.

Seed paper is designed to be planted! Once you’re done using the paper (for a card, tag, or packaging), you can tear off a piece, bury it in shallow soil, and keep it moist.  With a little sunshine and care, the seeds will germinate and sprout, giving you a little piece of nature from your used paper.

This promotes sustainability by utilising recycled paper and eliminating plastic packaging often used with seeds. Seed paper cards or packaging add a special touch and leave a lasting impression, literally! The recipient can plant the paper and watch it grow.

It’s a great way to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to plant and grow things.

Light Camera Action

Paper is crucially important for the film and lighting industry. It is used in custom prop design to make busts and also to make intricate, stand-alone props. These props are easy to produce on a mass scale and are easily recyclable as well.

Paper is also used as a light diffuser. It helps soften harsh light edges and can also change the colour of the light. This technique is also used in festival themed lighting as well, creating colourful festive lights  to get the people in the festive mood.

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